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“The newly built schools should always take that into account”, Levon Aronyan


Ever since 2013, the project of building chess schools in Armenia has started financed by the Yerevan Municipality. As a result, in 2013 chess schools were established in Ajapnyak and Davtashen regions, and in 2014 chess schools were built in Arabkir, Kentron, Nor Norq, Erebuni, Malatia-Sebastia regions, as well.

These schools are good opportunities for many children; nevertheless, they are not appropriate for all the children. Most of the schools could have been available for the children having mobility impairments, if the responsible-for-the-building people, besides the wheelchair ramps, would have also provided a few necessary conditions regarding the bathrooms and the door thresholds or some other conditions which might seem trifles at sight.

Why is the inclusive education forgotten or ignored in these schools? Whether only the secondary schools are responsible for meeting this conditions and why the children with disabilities should not have the opportunity to attend the chess classes with their peers.

“The fact that the chess schools, the secondary schools, the inclusive schools and various cultural centers do not meet the necessary conditions for the people with disabilities is one of the biggest issues nowadays which sets up a barrier for different events to take place. Everyone should deal with this problem, including the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Urban Development; you can hardly know who to refer to. Don’t even want to mention that sometimes an inclusive school gets renovated and still does not provide the necessary accessibilities after all. It’s a paradox”, stated the chairperson of the “Bridge of Hope” NGO (“Huisi Kamurdj” in Armenian) Susanna Tadevosyan.

Levon Aronian, who has been promoting and propagating equal opportunities while taking part in the campaign “Chess for Sake of Equal Opportunities”, talking about the absence of the accessibilities in schools, said, “I am sorry for that. I think the newly built schools should always take that into account. Yet, it is a big issue and cannot be solved very quickly; some time is needed for it to hit on people’s consciousness.

This year, the Yerevan Municipality plans to take actions on reconstructions worth over 10 million AMD in the Erebuni Junior School for Sports and Logical Games. Besides, it is planned to rebuild the school N110 starting a chess school instead on 11 Tarontsu street of Shengavit region. All these actions will worth over 135 million AMD.

Translated by Hayk Smbatyan

Davtashen chess school

Ajapnyak chess school

Avan chess school

 Nor Nork chess school

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