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We realize, that everything origins from information, which can change human thinking, behavior and values, break the stereotypes and promote the creation of equal opportunities. will temporarily stop supplying any information on the website


Dear reader,

This announcement is to inform you that will temporarily stop supplying any information on the website, the reason of which is the current situation in Armenia. We, the editorial staff, find it inappropriate to publish any articles these days, this way expressing our condemnation of the violations against journalists, as well.

For your information, on 17 June during the sitting of the Public Services Regulatory Commission of Republic of Armenia the bid submitted by the “Electric Networks of Armenia” was partially confirmed. As a result, the price for the electricity in Armenia became 6.93 AMD more expensive which obviously provoked the public. Today at around 05:30 A.M. police decentralized the spontaneous sit-in of the civilians by using physical force on Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan. Afterwards, 237 civilians, involving some journalists, were arrested.

People with disabilities nowadays form one of the most insecure social stratums, since they are deprived of the getting full education and getting employed because of the inaccessible environment and the discriminative treatment. The rise of the electricity rates can become a tough financial difficulty and affect negatively especially to the people with disabilities, as any new actions for special financial conditions for them are not being taken currently.  

Translated by Hayk Smbatyan

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