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The elevator was turned off limiting child’s mobility


Each month Meri Martirosyan faces a problem which is not solved by condominium or by Yerevan Municipality. Mother of two children with disabilities appears in hopeless situation every time when the elevator is stopped because neighbors don’t pay for it.

“Each month I pay all utility bills including 800 AMD for elevator so my children can come out from the building. But as my neighbors don’t pay for it, the inspector turns the elevator off every month without thinking that I can’t take my daughter to 10th floor with her wheelchair or take her downstairs.”

Meri rents her apartment next to school N129, so her children can attend school and come home quickly in emergency situations. Besides going to school, her children attend various activities because their mother does everything for her children’s full life.

“When I called Municipality, I was told that they are responsible for malfunction of elevators but they can’t do anything when it comes to its fees and why is it stopped. I was given the phone number of ENA (Electric Networks of Armenia), representatives of which answered me politely and told that they will think and will try to solve the problem. But how can I wait when we wake up to go to school and find out that the elevator is stopped or we come home late and cannot reach our apartment. My daughter needs accessible toilet and she needs to come home  often , so how can I wait or how long?

Meri also suggested some solutions to their “Shen ojakh” condominium, but her suggestions were ignored.

“I have suggested to make the elevator with key and give it to them who pays. The problem is, that despite the fact how many people live in apartment, the fees are charged per apartment, not per person, so maybe it needs to be changed. I know only as everyone needs electricity like air and water, we need the elevator. When I  angrily suggest to turn off electricity of a person who doesn’t pay, they answer that it’s illegal, the residents will apply to court. But is it legal what they do to us?

The elevator inspector suggested Meri to go to all neighbours and collect the money.

Post Scriptum

On December 3, employees of Yerevan Municipality contacted Meri Martirosyan and informed that the elevator will work and this problem will never occur again.

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