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May be one day I will teach the others


Narek graduated secondary school N17, “First, I have learnt the letters and then the other subjects: Russian, English. Most of all I like English from foreign languages, I already know some words in that language”.

Narek has Down syndrome: in the first school years his parents and he have faced some psychological problems. Anna, his mother, tells that they couldn’t organize the learning process well enough and Narek seemed to be left in a dark corner. At first both his schoolmates and parents of other children didn’t accept the fact that he should study at public school. “There were more psychological difficulties. I didn’t even want to take part in parents’ meetings. Many parents were telling that my child shouldn’t have studied at public school, and I have always been against special schools. Fortunately, it was a matter of time. Then everyone understood that every child has a right to study and live a full life and that my child also can”.

It has been few years since the school became inclusive. Now there are specialists and trained teachers. There is a special program which makes the teaching process easier. “Although Narek didn’t have problem of integration, inclusive education gave us-parents an opportunity to feel calmer and safer. As a result, the parent-specialist-teacher cooperation is more obvious. It’s important to find stronger traits of the child and develop it”.

In case of Narek his parents have noticed his drawing talent. Now he attends drawing classes. Generally he draws landscapes.

“It’s too early for portraits, I haven’t learnt yet, but I will learn that as well. Generally I draw landscapes – seas. I like working with bright colours, most of all I use red. At first I was working only with pencil, now I am fluent and I can draw also with oil pastels”, – says Narek.

In the end of September at schools which do not have inclusive education the exhibition of Narek’s paintings will be organized devoted to attitude change of people towards people with disabilities. Narek’s exhibition has already its experience: he represented his paintings at school N17 as well.10461628_1502213990013646_676203174980448114_n

Narek is self-taught juggler. “I saw on TV that people how people are juggling, it interested me and I decided to learn. Juggling demands clear and fluent movements of fingers. No one has understood the secret of the tricks and I will not tell as well, it is not allowed to”.

He juggles not only with cards but also with coins and ropes. He has taken an exam in order to become a member of Jugglers’ Union but he’ll have the answer in 2 months.

While he waits for the results of the exam, his frequent ordinary visits to the NGO “Let’s do it!” will now change into business ones. He is going to help the workers of the NGO every Thursday.

Besides drawing and juggling, Narek has many other hobbies as well. He has gone for karate and is a wonderful swimmer. He doesn’t follow football matches; instead he plays football with his friends from time to time. He often goes for a walk with his friends, watches films when he has spare time. He likes Andre’s all songs very much. One of his dreams is to meet Andre and perform any song with him. Anyhow, Narek’s biggest dreams are connected with juggling, “I wish to show all my tricks on a big scene. If I learn all the tricks well enough, may be one day I will teach them others”.

Laura Martirosyan

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