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What does a Yerevanian want?


It’s difficult to live in a city, where you are “invisible”, to feel at every step that they haven’t thought about you, as if you didn’t exist. However this cannot make me love my city less than I do now.

It’s been already 2 years since Yerevan municipality paid attention to the problem of accessibility, providing 70 million AMD for ramps and accessible buses. But can’t we do more, if last year the municipality provided more than 310 million AMD for buildings illustrations and Yerevan anniversary celebrations. With this amount of money it could be possible to equip schools with 103 lifts or to make that many buses accessible in our city.

Of course, the city has many problems, but which one is prior for us: illustrated walls or people who will never see those walls because of the artificial barriers? What does the Yerevanian want? What is more important for him? Have you ever asked him about that?

It’s not possible to change everything at once, but the fact that too little money is provided for accessibility issues and the amount of money should be increased in order to make major changes, is not news for anyone. I don’t think that municipality and Taron Margaryan, who give much importance to the solution of the problem, are against this idea. But by keeping the same speed or even doubling the amount of money, nowadays’ children can hardly go to school or move themselves in our city in the nearest 20-30 years. It’s at least unfair and unnatural to evaluate the work done today and at the same time not to demand more for satisfying human needs. In order to change people’s lives, serious contributions and targeting of money are needed.

Our citizens should take part in the decision making process, as THEY reach out their hand when I need help, THEY are ready to raise my wheelchair up the stairs and streets, my Yerevanians who are always next to me, regardless of their age, sex or employment.

This is the reason, that we, founders and journalists of, have undertaken the petition for accessible Yerevan. So also Yerevanians can join the appeal to increase the amount of money provided for ensuring accessibility, directed to the municipality.

Zaruhi Batoyan


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