Who are we?

“Disability Info” is an information NGO, mission of which is to contribute to  inclusion of people with disabilities in the Republic of Armenia. The NGO was created by people with disabilities and journalists.

What are we doing?

We raise awareness of society about issues of people with disabilities to create respect toward rights and dignity of people with disabilities.

We promote the development of skills of people with disabilities, their family members, journalists, teachers and other professionals to provide full and productive participation of people with disabilities in all areas of social life.

We collect information, including statistical and research data, which give opportunity to develop and implement necessary policy to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in the Republic of Armenia.

We implement actions to provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities to search for, receive and share information by preferable and accessible resources.


  • We spread information on disability issues by our information centre and media portals paying special attention to the rights of women and children with disabilities.
  • We create opportunities for people with disabilities and their family members to express their opinion and raise awareness about their problems.
  • We organize discussions for journalists, information organizations and other professionals.
  • We cooperate with Armenian local authorities, NGOs, legal entities and individuals.
  • We create professional guidelines and web resources for working with and for people with disabilities.
  • We organize trainings for youth and children with disabilities, for their parents and provide consultations.
  • We record audiobooks and create other resources for different groups of people with disabilities.
  • We collect information about social services and governmental and non-governmental programs for people with disabilities, about status in Armenia to create researches, reports and legislative proposals.
  • We implement social, cultural events and campaigns toward solution of the problems of people with disabilities.



We realize, that everything origins from information, which can change human thinking, behavior and values, break the stereotypes and promote the creation of equal opportunities.


Our team started to work since 2012. “Disability Info” was registered as a NGO on 19th of February of 2014.

Our information portals

www.disabilityinfo.am is an information portal for people with disabilities, their family members, journalists, teachers and for other people, who want to be informed. We make articles based on human rights and fundamental freedoms.

www.ikin.am is the first Armenian blog for and about women with disabilities. The aim of weblog is to give opportunity to women to discuss their issues and find solutions.

www.parents.disabilityinfo.am or “Bolorak” is a portal for parents of children with disabilities which is aimed to provide comprehensive information about parents and children rights and necessary services. To the portal contribute parents of children with disabilities, representatives of health care, social and other areas and other stakeholders.